My first session with Mistress Adler

I had been messaging Mistress Adler for about a week before we had our first online session. I had had one class early in the morning, and didn’t have another class until late in the afternoon, so it was a good time to have it.

I was nervous when I got on camera, something she picked up immediately. I’m naturally a quiet, shy guy. She seemed to enjoy it a  bit though, so it wasn’t all bad.

She first asked me to show her what toys I had available. Most of toys are bondage related, so she asked me to show her how I would tie myself up. I showed her a few positions, but she didn’t keep me that way for long. We both agreed that even though we like bondage, it isn’t that ideal when done in an online session. It’s a shame, because bondage is my favorite kink.

Next she asked me if I had any Deep Heat. I didn’t, so she had me grab some toothpaste instead and told me to put some on my cock. I never realized that toothpaste burned like that. Mistress Adler made me spread more on my cock, and some on my balls as well. The toothpaste affected my balls more than it did my cock. She made me edge, reapplying tooth paste when the burning started to die down. I’d never done anything quite like it before, but I loved it. I’ll be getting some Deep Heat soon, and sample sizes of different brands of toothpaste to see what works the best.

I was too quiet for her taste, though. About halfway through she asked me if I had a ring gag. I don’t, but was able to improvise. I tend to clam up and stay quiet, but the impromptu ring gag made me more vocal as I drew closer to cumming. I’ll be keeping it nearby for her from now on, since she likes hearing the moans.

Once we were done and she made me stop before I could get off (no matter how much I wanted to), we talked for awhile. She continued to tease me and make fun of my shyness. I didn’t mind it though, hearing her giggle over the mic was well worth the embarrassment. Since I could only hear an not see her, her laughing was the best way for me to know she was enjoying herself.

I’ll be looking for some new toys to use and can’t wait to have another session with her :)